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Igor Bulanov


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Igor Bulanov is a talented musician and singer/songwriter
Igor’s life has long been closely connected with music: He started writing and performing his songs in high school, formed his first band at the age of 16, and started working on the professional stage at the age of 25, even though his major course of study, in school, was in a completely different field. Since then, not a day has gone by when Igor has been without his guitar!
In Russia, Igor’s solo projects were very popular, and he also traveled, with his band, to many cities, for concerts. He worked in groups with some of Russia’s famous, pop artists, as a guitarist, and wrote songs for many Russian stars.
At the beginning of the year, in 2000, he resumed his solo career, and released four albums recorded in different genres, featuring elements of reggae, blue grass, folk, and rock.
Although Igor has often gone on tours to Russia, he has found his audience right here, in Texas. Igor frequently entertains at corporate events, apartment parties, and various festivals. In Austin, last year, his first solo concert was a great success, and he was joined, onstage, by some of Austin’s top, local musicians.
Igor’s melodic songs and beautiful arrangements always fill his audiences with feelings of harmony and joy. His music brings light to everyone who hears it. Igor’s music is, truly, music for your soul!
If you are planning any kind of event, live music is sure to add to the excitement of your guests, so we encourage you to get in touch. We want to make your event one that will always be remembered as a great success!


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